(デジル Dejiru)
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I want you to take a moment and realize these two are mechanical BOYS

samgothy wondered:
I want to be you're master <3 I'll give you good power


"Too bad. I already have a master."

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bleedmanlover wondered:
Whos your favorite to mess with out of all the evil doji's?

"Quite honestly, I don’t like to waste my time with them at all.. Though I suppose it’s rather easy to make Avaro angry."

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djflarewolf wondered:
1. Which way do you want your upgrade to go? (Oh god.) 2. What is the sexiest thing a girl has ever done to you? 3. Are you a sl*t? 4. Who needs the most "upgrades"? (Masters are included in this one.)

"Why are you asking me so many strange questions…?" He raises a brow. "Though, honestly.. I’ve been with so many girls I can’t say what truly stands out anymore." Desir sighs. "And.. If anyone needs help, it would be Jealousy… Pathetic."

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djflarewolf wondered:
(Kill me later) Fine by me. Creepy Stalker the one who came up with them so you can't blame me if they're "different" kind of questions.

"…? Okay?" Desir crosses his arms. "Quit wasting my time. What do you want to ask me?"

djflarewolf wondered:
Then you won't mine answering some questions from some (1) of my friends. (Oh god, I'm going to regret this so much. Dang Creepy Stalker. That's the name I'll call her from now on.)

"Maybe I’ll answer.. Maybe I won’t." Desir raises a brow.


fun fact: i do not like any character associated with lust except for sir killer pink rabbit over here

djflarewolf wondered:
How do you know then. (Be honest on this.)

"I’m the doji of lust, what do you think?"

asknannah wondered:
sexy beast <3


"Thank you for noticing."